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Lotsa Luv Chihuahuas!
A.K.C. & C.K.C. Reg. Chihuahuas!! Tammy Horton Owner/Breeder
  Jefferson, S.C. PH. 803-285-9843
Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments you might have! JUST CLICK ON ENVELOPE!!! Welcome to our web site and we hope you enjoy your time here! Below you will meet The Gang and learn who they are. While you're here you might like to check out my favorites page. I like to think there's some interesting information as well as some cool sites to shop!!! We Thank You for visiting here and may you find the perfect new member to your family! Good Luck Chihuahua Hunting!!!
                                          We Breed For Quality Not Quantity Here! LETS MEET THE GANG!!!
Click on any picture below to learn more about that particular Chihuahua!!!!
A.K.C. Registered NV Starlight's Avalanche (Klondike) Klondike is fawn spotted on white.
A.K.C. Registered Blue Chi's When Sparks Fly (Sparky) Sparky is a red sable w/ white markings long coat!                   A.K.C. Registered Chrand's Rootin Tootin Cowboy            Cowboy is a blue tri-color!
                       A.K.C. Registered Collin-Dells Minnie Shades of Black     Darcy is Black with Tan Brindle points! A.K.C. Registered Zarak Khan Adamo's Abilene ( Abby) Abby is a Wolf Sable! Just click on picture to see Abby's pedigree. A.K.C. Registered Farrah's Crystals of Allure Crystal is black spotted on white long coat!
A.K.C. Registered BND'S Best Kept Secret (Heidi) Heidi is fawn w/ white markings! A.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Sweet Karma Karma is a Blue Fawn              A.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Misty Eyed Girl          Misty is a Wolf Sable. If you would like to see her Pedigree just click on her picture.
                               A.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Gypsy Rose of Allure        Gypsy is a Black & Tan long coat.                        C.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Panda Bear              Black with White Markings!                            A.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Brown Eyed Betty.            Betty is a Red sable spotted on white long coat.
               C.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Jelly Bean        Jelly Bean is fawn & white!       C.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Queen of Sheba   Sheba is now retired and spayed! We are looking for a good home for her!                            A.K.C. Registered Lotsa Luv's Whisper in the Wind            Whisper is a black spotted on white long coat.
                                Tootie            She's retired now but remains
a cherished member of the family!!
Piggy update! Piggy is now 3 years old and doing great! Piggy is now spayed and a happy lil girl! This is Piggy she is very special to me! She was born with a cleft paleate I hand fed her from the very day she was born! Everyone said that she wouldn't live that most of these babies died within days to weeks of birth! Well the hard head that I am wouldn't let me give up on her.
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                              Meet The Gangs Bodyguards
Max & Shadow

The fellow with them is my husband Mark Horton he is Shadows best buddy! Saddly Max is no longer with us!

Thanks to Jim for helping me accomplish the web site of my dreams! If you need help I'm sure he can help you too. Jim has very reasonable rates give him a click!!

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